Worship & Creative Arts help us to celebrate and express our wonderful creative God. We exist to draw people into a transforming encounter with God! Through creative worship we come to give thanks and praise to God for all He has done. We believe that worship is central to our existence, because were created to worship our Creator. One of our values is ‘inspiring’ worship. ‘Inspiring’ worship is worship that is full of life – and it lifts Him higher than ourselves.

We need and long for the Presence of the Holy Spirit

‘Inspired’ worship only comes from the Spirit of God. Just like the Scriptures are ‘Spirit’ breathed so it is with our worship. We need and long for the Presence of the Holy Spirit. It’s the transformative power of the Holy Spirit that reveals the things of God to us.

As the Worship and Creative Team we long to hear the sound of heaven in our church community and beyond. This sound of heaven that has every heart lifted to Him, every heart overflowing with praise and adoration. A sound that is beyond music, words, and ourselves.

If you would like to join a passionate Creative Team and develop your skills and creativity we would love to hear from you!