We were made to be in relationships…

…a relationship with God and in relationships with people. Life Groups are environments where these can be pursued. Life Groups are a small group of people who share something in common along with a desire to learn and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

In our Life Groups we live out the principle found in Acts 2:42-47 – Bible study, friendship, food, prayer, service and rich community in an atmosphere of fun and encouragement. It is our hope that every person will connect with one of these groups for your discipleship. Doing life together in these groups give opportunity to explore what it means to live out our God-given vision that in the love of God we will be influencing, embracing, transforming and empowering our communities toward each person fulfilling their potential in Christ.

So whether you are sailing smooth or in the midst of a struggle in life, go ahead—find a Life Group that interests you. Engage with others in the adventure of doing life together!

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